Start Building Your Audience Today!

There are no shortcuts. Keeping it plain and simple in 6 easy steps you can grow an audience on and offline for your budding startup. Note that you do not have to do all six at the same time, rather they can be done simultaneously or concurrently.

  • Guest feature

At the moment you may not have 1 million or 5 million followers across social, but some upcoming tech blog has 10k or 20k followers with huge engagement. How about writing a blog post or making a guest feature on their website for free. This way you are adding value to a even large audience and your existing audience at the same time. It’s a win-win.

  • Build a big social media tribe

This is not hard to do when it is done with focus and intention. Facebook and Twitter were the early targets for bloggers and start-ups as they provide free traffic. Today Facebook is harder to get that free traffic for bootstrapping growth but Twitter is still allowing free organic traffic. Many online video bloggers discovered that YouTube was a great source of traffic that turned up from search and also building a tribe of followers on YouTube.

  • Relentless content marketing

Creating content around your topic and market is not new but it does work well. It also has a few benefits. It creates credibility and trust in your industry, it also improves your search engine rankings and it brings in referral traffic as people discover your awesome content and then talk about it on their blogs and then link to you. Now you may say you aren’t a writer. But practice will quite often overcome this obstacle.

  • Write a book

This may seem daunting but it doesn’t have to be “War and Peace” at 1,000+ pages. Something from 50-100 pages can be enough. This can also be done before your day job, on weekends or late at night. In this digital world,  it is also easy to self publish a book on Amazon. You can also make hard copies of the books for as low as NGN 500.00. Bloggers and digital entrepreneurs that have done this well include Mark Schaefer, Guy Kawasaki and Mike Stelzner.

  • Work with influential bloggers

Bloggers today often have larger audiences and bigger distribution than many popular magazines and newspapers. They also are global and have millions of passionate followers. Using bloggers has become more widely  adopted in the past couple of years but it has been done for the last 9-10 years by the early adopters such as Buffer, Mint and AppSumo as far back as 2007. Most digital entrepreneurs develop a product, launch it and then try working out the marketing later. Business success is in planning and executing the marketing and the product in parallel.

These are few of many steps that can be used to build your audience online. Should you need help with the above steps and implementing it in your business, do not hesitate to contact us. Visit today and drop us a message.

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